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Why Alta Reina?

Welcome to Alta Reina's first blog post! This question gets me every time. I started Alta Reina out of a need for outerwear that is comfortable, and doesn't restrict my movement. I have become a much better alpine skier over the last three years, but I found that the ski jacket I have been wearing restricts my shoulders! I can't actually have an open chest because the ski coat is too narrow on my shoulders. In 2019 I had an idea to create a brand of technical outerwear for tall women that is fun, colorful, not flowery that is designed for tall bodies. Broad shoulders, longer coats, hoods that don't pull my shoulders up when I put it on, and high quality unlike the few other brands I have found making technical outerwear for tall women.

I'm currently fine-tuning my fabric samples for a ski/snowboard jacket and pant along with a base layer combo. I am searching for sustainable fabrics, made in Earth-friendly ways, and assembled in USA. I believe that making clothing in the USA ensures better working conditions for the people making the garments, and it means that the garments are not being shipped half way around the world, which is far better for our oceans and air.

If these are things that are important to you, then you are in the right place!

Thanks for stopping in, and keep your eyes open for requests to help with measurements so we can nail the sizing! If you're not already, sign up on the home page to receive updates on our launch!



Alta Reina, clothing that empowers us stand up taller, be bold and feel confident to let our true selves shine.

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