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Sustainability and Fabric Choices Part 2

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

If you missed my first post, here it is! I’m sharing some info about fabrics that I’m looking into for base layers. There are a lot of choices when designing and making clothing. Since I’m learning all about it, I figured I’d share tidbits if what I’m learning.

The fabric I’ll tell you about today, is fairly mainstream these days, and there’s no wonder why!

Lyocell, known commonly as Tencel (specific brand) is a fiber made from eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus grows fast; does not have to be replanted, fertilized and never needs pesticides.

It naturally is antibacterial, wicking and super soft. (This fabric is so soft, it’s ridiculous.)

The way it’s processed is eco-friendly, as the non-toxic chemicals used to break down the pulp, are able to be reused for the next batch.

I have a pair of sheets made out of Tencel, and it’s like slipping into silk sheets. They are cool in the summer, but buttery enough in the winter that I’m not cold. And I never wake up sweaty (wicking)!

Sadly, vibrant colors, are unlikely, but it is such a wonderful material.

Look out for next week, to learn about wool. Get automatic updates by joining here!



Another summer outing in my base layers!

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