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Sustainability and Fabric Choices

Sustainability Matters. While designing and developing outerwear for tall women over the last year, I have spent time researching materials and fabrics. For base layers, there are a lot of sustainable, eco-friendly materials out there. I will put out a few blog posts over the next month about different materials I'm exploring, learning about and testing, today's post is the first in the series.

Recycled ChitoSante Extreme. Chitosante is a polyester fabric made with chitosan. Chitosan is biomass from crab or shrimp shells, combined with textile fibers, in this case recycled polyester. It is antibacterial, odor resisting, moisture wicking, breathable, fast-drying, anti-static, pill resistant and has UPF 50. It is nice against the skin, sturdy and abrasion resistant, and has ample stretch due to the addition of spandex. Chitosante is entirely safe for people with shellfish allergies because it is non-protein based.

All these qualities mean not only can you use it as a base layer in the winter, you can also wear the same gear as sun protection in the summer. I like to wear my long sleeves while I paddle board, mountain bike and hike so I don't have to reapply sunscreen constantly...

outdoor photograph. There is a 20' high waterfall with a woman smiling and standing in the pool at the bottom of it with arms extended in a swimsuit bottom and long sleeve shirt.
Suzi being pummeled by a waterfall in my current long sleeve UPF shirt.

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