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Shrink It and Pink It

The outdoor industry has a reputation called "shrink it and pink it". This has happened most notably with women's technical outerwear. Historically, brands do research and product testing on men's clothing. Then when women show an interest, they "shrink" the garment to a (small) women's size, and change the color to "pink" or some other historically "feminine" color.

As a tall woman, I have soooo many issues with this. First off, "shrink" to a women's size never fits, so I'm left with tight or baggy but always high-waters and short sleeves (at 5'11" I'm still taller than the averages man...) Second, the "masculine" colors of evergreen, royal blue or black (gross!) always leave me feeling bland, boring and small. I LOVE bright pinks, teals, and purples. If you look in my closet today, 80% of my clothes are magenta, purple or teal... "gem tones", if you will.

The goal of Alta Reina (say it out loud, and it comes out All Terrain A, makes me smile every time) is not to make black clothes for tall women, but to make bright, fun, bold clothes that make tall women feel powerful, strong, and bold!

If you don't already, subscribe to get latest updates, and to contribute to the size accuracy of our clothing!

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