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Prototype 1

I have received the first baselayer prototypes and I am so excited! The top is nearly perfect. The sleeves are just past my wrists, the body hugs, but goes past the waistband, is wide enough at the hips that it doesn't rise, and tucks into the baselayer bottom perfectly. The hip pocket is a bit short, and the plum color doesn't do it for me in the front, but those are easy, non-fit issues!

facing a woman's back from the hip to the shoulders. Long sleeve shirt
The pocket on the left will be about 1.5" taller.

The bottoms had a few fit issues, and after wearing them and fussing with them they have been figured out. The crotch was a bit baggy and the waist was too big. Also, wasn't so sure about the color-blocking, so I added a calf color to the next prototype. Can't wait!

These are a bit long for me, which is great, because I only have a 33" inseam, so the length should work well for 31-36" inseams.

side view of hip to knee wearing a purple legging with a pocket
pocket for phone or snacks. The point of the pocket panel should meet the knee, and as I have a 33" inseam, this will allow more length for those who are taller.

Can't wait to show more photos of prototype 2 and of product testing!



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1 commentaire

Charlotte Stevenson
Charlotte Stevenson
05 avr. 2022

I am so excited for this! Love seeing the development and decisions that you have to make as a designer and tall woman!! Thank you for representing for those of us who are used to never being considered when clothes are made.

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