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One foot in front of the other… being flexible (Baselayer update)

Well… being an entrepreneur has ups and downs. Currently, I’m headed down a hill, though I’m grateful it’s a small one ;)

As everyone has experienced and been impacted by, markets and businesses are currently changing even more than usual. The company I was working with for baselayer development has decided to pivot their services, and I am now looking for a new pattern maker and manufacturing partner.

Fortunately, all my materials have been wrapped up and are ready to go, I just need to find a good partner who can get the baselayer project on a roll. I am looking forward to the next time I can update the blog with patterns and prototypes. This is a fairly common adjustment in the apparel industry (especially for start-ups), frustrating none-the-less.

Development is still going strong, one foot in front of the other, just smaller steps for a bit!

Thank you for reading this and supporting Alta Reina as we develop and create products for tall women. You are inspiring the motivation and it’s still super exciting.



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