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Less Naked...clothes are on their way!

Hey Tall Girl!

Lately I've been busy working with manufacturers to make baselayer samples in sizes xs thru xl for product testing for the rest of this season and this summer. I feel like things are falling into step with this line.

I'm also a editing prototypes until they're just right. I spent a lot of time and attention editing and fine-tuning the ski jacket / ski bib prototypes. Once the edits are implemented, we put the final details like zippers, elastic, toggles and tags.

I am driven to crafting the perfect ski jacket and bibs for our elegant stature and impressive physical aptitude, that will perform and protect for all of our outdoor adventures So this time next year, when I hit the slopes, I'll be wearing my own designs with pride. There are a lot of steps in the middle, and I want to thank everyone that is on this journey with me.

Can't wait for the next round of bibs and jacket and product testing!



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