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Designs and details

I just wanted to share something with you about design and function, which we all know is a huge issue in women's clothing. I bought some new shorts, and they got quite well, relative to my big butt, narrow waist “assets”. I was wearing them to bike my kiddos to camp today, and realized the back pocket isn’t deep enough for my cell phone (not a big one, just a normal size iPhone), so I had to put it in my jacket pocket.

Then a few hours later, I was finishing a meeting and realized my shorts had hiked up to hug my thigh (I was only sitting)!

So I made a quick video, to say, I’m paying attention! I am meticulous about which pockets serve a purpose, and which details are just because someone else did it or because it looks cool. I’m all about designing garments with a function and fashion in mind.

Happy Monday!!

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