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And We're Off!

Hello Tall Adventuristas!

After a few weeks home with family for late December, and a few conversations with patternmakers… We are back on the road and taking next steps. (Woohoo!)

I have never been much of a New Year's resolution, kind of person, and this year is no different, for those who do, I hope you enjoy the fresh start, and those who don't, I'm glad you're here! Any day you wake up is a good time to make choices that make life better, more fun or more productive. I am excited for all the projects and plans for Alta Reina in 2022.

Baselayers is the start and this spring, I hope we have outerwear in the works and on the calendar.

May you be well and continue to find peace and adventures outdoors.



Note on the video, there is nothign quite like the feel and sound of sliding through powder. I hope you find your zen in the hills this next week!

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