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I am thrilled you're here! 


I am Suzi! I'm creative, boisterous, colorful, mom, spouse, friend. 

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest we have lots of weather and a lot of time outdoors. I found myself wearing men’s garments for skiing and other sports (blagh).  I always hated the colors, the fit and I never felt good, it just made me feel like a bit of a giant. As I got older (lucky me, I'm still getting older!), I found clothing that fit a little bit better, that I liked a little bit more, and I learned what to look for in gear. But I still never truly felt comfortable. 


On top of all that, it pains me to watch other tall women walking through life wearing clothes that are clearly not designed for their bodies. I work hard everyday so my tall family, tall friends and future tall generations will not go through life with baggy hi-waters, men’s black coats, and shoes that pinch their toes, like so many of us have before them. 


I want clothing to empower us to stand up taller, be bold and feel confident to let our true selves shine.







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